The Trail Foundation, in collaboration with the Urban Forestry Grant Program, is now creating spaces for rest, contemplation, and remembrance along the Trail. Whether enjoying the Lake views, taking a stretch break, fishing, or more, these benches will be installed at the overlook points along the 1.2-mile Boardwalk for all to enjoy. Studio Balcones, a highly respected and experienced landscape architecture firm, has designed the benches to harmoniously blend with the surrounding built and natural environments, and the high-quality fabrication will be completed by Hatch Workshop, whose extensive and transformative portfolio includes custom woodwork for exteriors, restaurants, homes, and businesses.

Following The Trail Foundation’s prioritization of ecological restoration, these benches will be made from reclaimed bald cypress and/or white oak trees collected by the City of Austin’s Urban Forestry Department that are removed because they are at the end of their lifespan, pose a safety hazard to parks and trail users, or are approved to be removed for construction. Through this project, the life cycle of trees that make up Austin’s urban forest will not end once they are removed; these trees will be preserved indefinitely and repurposed in a way that is at once functional, beautiful, and desired by the 2.6 million Trail users.

Through a TTF-facilitated bench adoption program, members of the public are now able to honor and dedicate these benches to loved ones.


Adopting a bench is a beautiful and impactful way to personalize a part of the Trail and honor a loved one. With a limited number of benches available, adoptions last ten years, and adopters receive first right of refusal to renew for another decade.

$12,500 covers adoption, dedication engraving and maintenance to ensure your bench remains beautiful for those 10 years. Please note that all mailed checks must be received within 10 business days.

Adopt a Bench Now

*Plaques have 2 lines with 120 characters on each line and every space and punctuation mark count as a character. Names only can be listed, no dates, phrases, or sentences.

**Due to the length of adoption and for first right of refusal, next of kin contact information is required.

Example of Adopter Recognition – Design is Subject to Change


Annual maintenance is covered in the costs of the bench adoption, however, please be aware that the wood will be allowed to naturally weather over time. Depending on depth, any carved vandalism will be sanded off. If you notice that your bench has been defaced, please contact The Trail Foundation directly.

The Trail Foundation will select the location of each bench adoption. Multiple bench adoptions will be placed on the same Boardwalk platform. If we cannot accommodate your request, you will be contacted by The Trail Foundation. Entire platforms are available, however, benches are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in adopting an entire platform, please contact Rachel for availability.

Benches will be located on East Bouldin, Blunn Creek, Blunn,Woodland C, Norwood, Rest Area, I-35, East Bluff, Middle Bluff and Festival Point. 

Bench prices are subject to change.

For questions regarding bench adoption, please contact: