IMG_2581Excellent signage is a critical component of a successful urban trail. TTF has already completed a mile marker system and four trailhead maps.  The Trail needed a thorough graphic makeover of the remaining sign types that is comprehensive, coordinated and functional. This signage promotes an image of Austin that connotes originality, quality, beauty, and civic pride. Because the Trail is the heart of Austin, this must break the mold of a basic park sign system and support the reputation of the Trail as the best urban trail in the US.

The old signs and wayfinding system represented 25 years of uncoordinated design by different entities. Form, material, color, design hierarchy and typographic expression are unrelated and lack key information.  Interpretative signs, which could help users appreciate the extensive wildlife, history, and ecology, are scarce.  Signs at spoke trails were inadequate or missing.

RVi Planning & Landscape Architecture designed and phased this ambitious project, which includes:

1. Interpretative signs, which will include: the history of the Trail, birds and wildlife, riparian habitat
2. Identity signs for bridges
3. Directional/wayfinding signs
4. Informational/regulatory signs
5. Spoke trail signs

interpretive-history-trail-sign-austin Our first interpretive sign, “The History of Lady Bird Lake and the Trail” is on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge. The frame was designed and built by Lars Stanley

Johnson-Creek-Trailhead-Rainwater-Garden-Interpretive-Sign Our second interpretive sign, the “Johnson Creek Trailhead Rainwater Garden” is located by the rain catchment at the Johnson Creek Trailhead. The frame was designed and built by Chris Levack

This project presents an opportunity for ongoing involvement by sponsors as the Master Signage Project is implemented in phases over several years. The downtown phase has been installed with funding generously provided by the MFI Foundation through a challenge grant. If you are interested in sponsoring phases of this project, please contact Rachel.