sidhya-jayakumar-storyThe Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail has always held a special place in my memory. Growing up as a kid in Austin, my family and I visited the Trail nearly every weekend. I loved taking leftover bread to feed the ducks, and I especially loved riding my bike along the gravel trails. Fast forward to adulthood, when the scenic Lou Neff Point was the location where my husband (Maneesh Amancharla) and I got engaged! For our wedding anniversary this year, Maneesh surprised me by purchasing a commemorative brick to honor our engagement as well as our continued enjoyment of the Trail.

Our daughter Sunaya was born this past year, and we’ve loved pushing her in her stroller along the Butler Trail. Last week when we were on one of our regular walks on the Trail, we noticed the installation activity at Lou Neff Point. Curious as to whether our brick was included in that day’s additions, we walked over to discover that our brick had been installed just minutes earlier! The dust hadn’t even settled! We are honored to support The Trail Foundation, and we look forward as a family to creating many more memories along the beautiful Trail.