Tim Shelhamer was the lucky winner of our 2017 ACL membership drive! He found out about the campaign via email, signed up to become a TTF member, and had his name entered into a random drawing to win two free ACL tickets. Tim was surprised and elated when he found out he had won.

His family has loved and enjoyed the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail ever since they moved to Austin in 2003. Tim and his wife Kate first became involved with The Trail Foundation several years ago because they wanted to help protect and improve this unique piece of Austin they cherish so much. The couple’s favorite memories of the Trail involve experiencing it over the years as their family has changed. They have enjoyed the Trail as a couple with no kids, as parents jogging with a double stroller, and now as an active family with both kids on bicycles. Tim says he chose to become member of TTF because he and his family wanted to do their part to preserve and enhance the Trail— a treasure of Austin that has been a part of their lives since they arrived in this city 14 years ago.

Tim, of course, gave the second ACL ticket to his wife, and they took their two kids to the fest with them. While their family loves and uses the Trail regularly, they made their way to the ACL grounds with an alternative mode of transportation this year. Tim jokes that there was still a lot of walking involved for the family during ACL weekend, though. Tim and Kate’s favorite act they saw at this year’s ACL Fest was the hometown performance by Spoon, and of course their two kiddos loved experiencing Austin Kiddie Limits.

We’re thrilled to have Tim as a new TTF member and look forward to seeing him and his beautiful family out enjoying the Trail, which their generous donations help support and maintain.